Care 2 Quit - we are smokefree!

We are a smokefree Trust. Here you will find all the information you need to stay smokefree whilst on our premises.

On 2nd October 2017, our Trust became smokefree, meaning people who use services, staff and visitors can no longer smoke tobacco products on any of our premises, including car parks and inpatient gardens. This comes as part of a wider health and wellbeing drive at the Trust which aims to promote the important link between physical and mental health.

On the day we went smokefree, Jo Young, our Chief Nurse and Deputy Chief Executive, said: “Smoking has a devastating impact on a person’s physical and mental health and unfortunately many people who use our services smoke tobacco.

“People with mental health conditions die, on average, 10-20 years earlier than the rest of our population and smoking is one of the biggest causes of this gap - this is simply unacceptable in 2017. As an NHS Trust we are taking action to promote and improve people’s physical health as well as their mental wellbeing.”

Below you will find all the information you need regarding our decision to go smokefree. This includes various leaflets and our Trust policy:


We are smokefree! – A brief leaflet which provides basic on why we have become smokefree and who it affects

What to do if you’re expecting a home visit – This leaflet is for anyone who might, at any point, receive a home visit from our staff. This explains what you can do to ensure the visit takes place in a healthy environment.

What to expect if you stay with us – This leaflet provides more in-depth information for anyone who is staying in our hospital or overnight services. Please make sure you are familiar with this.

Do you want help to stop smoking? - Here you will find lots of information about how our smoking cessation advisors can help you to stop smoking!

Easy Read version of the smokfree leaflet

You can also view our smokefree policy by clicking on 'Policies & Procedures' which is located on the left of this page.


Click here to view Surrey County Council's Beyond the Smoking Room video. This is a short film which helps to raise and explore issues around smoking and mental health - from the viewpoints of people who have used mental health services in Surrey and staff.

Key issues addressed are:

  • Why do so many people with mental health conditions smoke?
  • How does smoking affect mental health?
  • Can people with mental illness quit successfully?
  • How to quit?
  • What help is available to quit?

Subtitles are available by clicking the second icon on the bottom right bar - so that it is accessible for people with hearing problems.

For help on giving up smoking, contact Quit 51, Surrey's local smoking cessation provider, at:


Call: 0800 622 6968

Text: smokefree to 66777


In December, Emily Lucocq, one of our two Smoking Cessation Advisors, spoke to someone who uses services about how our Trust going smokefree has helped them to cut down on their smoking:


How long have you been smoking for and how much were you smoking?

I have been smoking for 11 years in total and used to smoke between 40-50 a day. I did manage to quit for one week not using any products and then went back to smoking shortly after. I wasn’t at home during this time.

What NRT did you find worked to help you cut down?

I found the nicotine gum and spray the most effective. The spray gives you a quick boost and the gum gives a long lasting boost of nicotine. I even enjoy the taste of the spray! They have been very helpful for cutting down.

Did you find the process easier or harder than you thought it would be?

Easier! The behavioural support I received, the CO2 readings and nicotine replacement therapy combined all helped me to achieve my goal. It was motivational to watch my CO2 reading going down each week from red to green! Being in hospital now the Trust has gone smokefree also helped.

How much are you smoking now as a result of NRT?

I’m down to about three a day - sometimes none. Now I’m only smoking when I’m on leave from hospital. I don’t really like the taste and don’t enjoy smoking anymore. I only smoke through habit and normally get rid of the cigarette anyway!

How has cutting down benefited your life?

I have asthma, but now I am finding breathing is easier and I’m not coughing as much. I am also able to walk faster. My confidence has improved because I know I can do it now. When I smell people having a cigarette I think it’s horrible. My drinks taste stronger and I feel my tablets are working better.

What advice would you give others who are trying to cut down?

You can do it! With support and perseverance it’s easier! Thank you for Emily’s support and everyone else’s support, and the NRT treatments!


We also now have two dedicated stop smoking advisors operating across the Trust. Emily Lucocq and Sally Jalasi, who are part of the Physical Health team, will be visible across all of our locations overseeing the rollout of the Care 2 Quit project and supporting you if you would like to stop smoking.

For more information please contact Emily Lucocq or Sally Jalasi or email