About Farnham Road Hospital

About our development of Farnham, Road Hospital.

Farnham Road Hospital opened in Guildford in December 2015. It is the first of three hospitals we agreed to open following a consultation with the public about our hospitals in 2009.

The hospital was carefully designed to provide personalised care in a respectful and supportive environment to aid recovery. it includes:

  • four wards for adults, all with single bedrooms and ensuite bathrooms to provide people with more privacy and dignity
  • therapeutic and recreational areas including art and craft rooms, multi-purpose spaces for exercise groups or drama therapy and a fitness room
  • private, safe gardens and outside spaces directly accessible from each ward
  • public areas including gardens and café for everyone to enjoy
  • facilities for people who are brought in by police in need of a place of safety (Section 136)
  • a base for our Home Treatment Team who provide intensive support to enable people to be independent within their home environment when they first leave hospital or possibly to prevent a stay in hospital.

A number of old, outdated buildings were demolished to make way for the new hospital. The new building is linked to the original, listed Victorian building through a glazed pedestrian walkway. The main entrance is accessed via Bray Road, which is also the access road to and from the car park.

Other services also located on the Farnham Road Hospital site include:

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