Relocation of Delius and Elgar wards

Relocation of Delius and Elgar wards to the Abraham Cowley Unit.

After a review of Langley Wing at Epsom General Hospital in late 2016, we concluded that the environment at our wards there, Delius and Elgar wards, no longer enabled us to provide the type of surroundings we want people to experience when we help them in their recovery. We felt the surroundings were not in line with our vision and values of creating respectful places and treating people well.

We gave a great deal of consideration to renovating Delius and Elgar wards. However, due to the high cost and lengthy timescale for completing this work, we felt that a temporary relocation is the most sensible solution until the development of our second mental health hospital is complete.

The Abraham Cowley Unit is a standalone unit that we run and have sole use of, where we feel we are more able to create an environment that promotes dignity and respect. People on the wards at the Abraham Cowley Unit have easy and safe access to a full range of therapy activities and recreational spaces including a therapy kitchen, gym, skills workshop, craft room, café and pleasant outdoor space.

We currently have one adult mental health ward there: Blake ward. Two more wards - Clare and Anderson - are now available following the opening of  Farnham Road Hospital; it is these that the relocated wards occupy. Anderson ward is our female-only ward with 13 beds and Clare ward is our male-only ward with 16 beds.

The wards relocated in early February 2017.

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