Planning our second hospital

In May 2016 we held three public workshops in Chertsey, Cobham and Redhill to talk to people about our next mental health hospital development for people in Surrey. At these events stakeholders and members of the public shared their views which we are using to shape what will be included in a full public consultation in 2017.

Following a presentation by our Co-Medical Director, Justin Wilson, participants were asked, ‘What requirements would a really good new mental health hospital have?’ This question generated lots of discussion and lots of ideas which participants added into the MeetingSphere application that we used to collate feedback during each event. These themes arising from the points made varied between each workshop but included:

  • Access to services
  • Accessibility/location/transport
  • Additional activities for people in hospital
  • Engaging people who use our services in design
  • Facilities/physical environment
  • Joint working - seamless interface with other services
  • Staff/clinical culture
  • Safety and security.

You can read the presentation given at the workshops and the comments made at these events by opening the documents below:

Next steps
You can add any further comments you may have by visiting the MeetingSphere website.

We are currently carrying out feasibility studies that will provide some possible sites for the new hospital and are keeping in touch with our local NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups to make sure they're up to date with our plans.

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