Clinical Policies

 Title  Policy Ref Approved Date Document Type
Medicines Procedure 18 Oral Anti Cancer Medicines SABP/EXECUTIVE BOARD/0017 Oct-14 Procedure
Medicines Procedure 19 Patients Own Drugs SABP/EXECUTIVE BOARD/0017 Dec-15 Procedure
Medicines Procedure 20 Registered Care Homes SABP/EXECUTIVE BOARD/0017 September 2016 Procedure
Medicines Procedure 21 Self Administration of Prescribed SABP/EXECUTIVE BOARD/0017 Oct-14 Procedure
Medicines Procedure 22 Unlicensed Medicines SABP/EXECUTIVE BOARD/0017 Jul-15 Procedure
Medicines Procedure 23 Hepatitis PGDs SABP/EXECUTIVE BOARD/0017 Sept-17 Procedure
Medicines Procedure 24 Appendix 1 Formulary and Traffic Light System for Drug Classification SABP/EXECUTIVE BOARD/0024/APPENDIX1 Jan-16 Appendix
Medicines Procedure 24 Appendix 2 Managing the Introduction of New Drugs SABP/EXECUTIVE BOARD/0024/APPENDIX2 Jan-16 Appendix
Medicines Procedure 24 Appendix 3 GP Prescribing Request Letter SABP/EXECUTIVE BOARD/0024/APPENDIX3 Jan-16 Appendix
Medicines Procedure 24 Formulary and Prescribing Guidelines SABP/EXECUTIVE BOARD/0017 Jan-16 Procedure
Medicines Procedure 25 Oxygen Management SABP/EXECUTIVE BOARD/0017/PROCEDURE25 May-17 Procedure
Medicines Procedure Insulin SABP/EXECUTIVE BOARD/0017 April 2017 Procedure
Medicines Procedure Involving People SABP/EXECUTIVE BOARD/0017 Jul-15 Procedure
Medicines Procedure Lithium Therapy Prescribing SABP/EXECUTIVE BOARD/0017 Nov-14 Procedure
Medicines Procedure Management of Pharmaceutical Waste and Returns SABP/EXECUTIVE BOARD/0017 Jul-15 Procedure
Medicines Procedure: Home Treatment Teams SABP/EXECUTIVE BOARD/0042 April 2017 Procedure
Missing Persons Protocol SABP/EXECUTIVE BOARD/0039 N/A Protocol
Missing Persons Protocol Appendix A Misper Pack Form SABP/EXECUTIVE BOARD/0039 N/A Appendix
Missing Persons Protocol Appendix B Misper Pack Log SABP/EXECUTIVE BOARD/0039 N/A Appendix
NICE and NCI Policy and Procedure SABP/EXECUTIVE BOARD/0013 Dec-15 Policy
Non Medical Prescribing Policy SABP/WORKFORCE/0023 Jun-14 Policy & Procedure
Observation, Supportive Observation and Therapeutic Engagement Policy SABP/SERVICE IMPROVEMENT/0011 Feb-16 Policy
Physical Healthcare Policy SABP/SERVICE IMPROVEMENT/0038 Apr-16 Policy & Procedure
Rapid Tranquilisation Policy and Procedure SABP/RISK/0019 Nov-16 Policy
Referral of Patients from Adult to Older Adult Mental Health Services Policy SABP/SERVICE IMPROVEMENT/0024 Feb-07 Policy & Procedure
Research and Development Policy and Procedure SABP/SERVICE IMPROVEMENT/0040 Oct-15 Policy
Safeguarding Adults Policy SABP/SERVICE IMPROVEMENT/0012 July 16 Policy & Procedure
Safeguarding Children Policy SABP/SERVICE IMPROVEMENT/0019 May-16
Searching Persons Policy and Procedure SABP/WORKFORCE/0006 August 2016 Policy & Procedure
Seclusion Policy and Procedure SABP/WORKFORCE/0008 May-16 Policy
Section 117 - Policy on Aftercare SABP/EXECUTIVE BOARD/0003 Oct-08 Policy
Transfer and Management of People Using Our Services Guidelines SABP/RISK/0016 Sep-11 Guidelines
Transition CAMHS to Adult Services Policy SABP/SERVICE IMPROVEMENT/0039 Dec-16 Policy & Procedure
Transporting People Who Use Services in Private Vehicles Policy and Procedure SABP/RISK/0021 Nov-15 Policy & Procedure