Our plans for land at St Peter's Hospital

Why sell the land at St Peter's?
We are selling the land so that we can raise money to put towards improving environments at our hospital and community services. Doing this will help us fulfil our values to create respectful places and treat people well.

What are the plans for the land?
We have submitted planning applications to Runnymede Borough Council, with the intention that the land is sold with planning consent for housing development.

As well as creating new housing, Ashford and St Peter's Hospitals Foundation Trust plan to improve and extend the NHS staff accommodation on the site.

I/some I care for uses a service in Lake House, Windmill House, The Base or Hayworth House. What is going to happen to those services?
The services in those buildings will relocate. We understand that the prospect of relocation is unsettling; however, we would like to reassure you that it will not happen straight away.

Once the plans are approved at Runnymede Borough Council, we anticipate the sale of the land to complete in Summer 2018 at the earliest, which gives us time to consider where and when to best relocate.

It’s possible that we may create a new hub in the local area where our community services could go. We have done this successfully with our services in Frimley and Redhill. Read more about our Community Hubs work.

We will also look for suitable alternative accommodation for our drug and alcohol detox service, Windmill House, to be based alongside our other hospital services.

However, we will be exploring our options for all of the affected services over the coming months and will be involving people who use our services and their carers in those discussions, to ensure the buildings and locations we choose suit the needs of the service.

What happens next?
The proposals for the land were shown at a public exhibition in April 2017 and our planning consultants WYG  gathered people's feedback via a consultation questionnaire. This closed on Thursday 11 May.

We submitted planning application to Runnymede Borough Council in November 2017. Read more about this.

We will keep staff, people who use our services and their carers updated with any progress we make with this project over the coming months.