Carers Action Group (CAG)

We have several groups for carers and people who use services who meet regularly and discuss how we can best support you. Joining FoCUS (our Forum of Carers and people who Use Services) is an ideal way to get involved in the person that you supports care with us. We also run a Carers Action Group which meets regularly to ensure that the Trust implements the Triangle of Care.

The Triangle of Care refers to the essential three-way relationship between professionals, people who use our services, and their carers/families. It was developed by the Carers Trust (in conjunction with carers and NHS staff) to improve carer engagement in mental health services and contains examples of best practice for organisations to follow.

It also contains extensive resources designed to help staff who work with carers and involve them in the person they supports care more effectively.

Our Carers Action Group meet bi-monthly to help ensure that these areas of best practice are used within the Trust. The group comprises carer representatives and senior staff from each of our service areas, colleagues from Surrey County Council and Hampshire County Council, as well as representatives from Action for Carers. Read about the Care Act and how we are responding in Surrey.

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Triangle of Care kite mark
In November 2016 our Trust was recognised for our commitment to working collaboratively with carers. We were one of just ten mental health trusts to receive a second gold star - the maximum possible - under the Triangle of Care programme.

Our first star was awarded in April 2015 after a detailed assessment of how our inpatient and home treatment teams include carers. 

For more information about the Triangle of Care, please download the Carers Trust's guidance or visit the Carers Trust website

Latest news

NHS England carers toolkit
NHS England has published their carers toolkit. The toolkit was developed by NHS England and its partners and is designed to help health and social care organisations work together in identifying, assessing and supporting the wellbeing of carers and their families. See the toolkit on the NHS England website.