Carer's Needs Assessment

You should be able to contribute to the discussion about the needs of the person you look after. Anybody who cares for somebody is able to ask for a Carer's Needs Assessment to discuss the help you need. This can happen even if the person cared for refuses help.

A Carer's Needs Assessment is your opportunity to talk about your own needs and things that could make caring easier for you. Carer's Needs Assessments can look at the support available from a range of organisations. The assessments should include a face-to-face discussion between carer and the person carrying out the assessment. A carer can ask for the assessment to be carried out in private, away from the person being cared for.

As part of the assessment, we would look at:

  • What help the person you care for needs
  • The help you give at the moment
  • The services we could provide

and consider for example:

  • Do you get enough sleep?
  • Are you able to get out and about?
  • Do you get any time for yourself?
  • Are your other relationships affected?
  • Are you concerned you may have to give up work/education/training?
  • Do you need information on benefits/the law/mental illness?

Once the Assessment is completed either a Carer’s Plan or an Action Plan is developed with you. This could include; details of services that give you a break, information about mental illness and how to learn more, advice on benefits and the contact for local carers’ groups that support carers and enjoys a good social programme.

Please ask us about having a Carer’s Needs Assessment.

We are working with Surrey and Hampshire County Councils to ensure that the Care Act 2014 requirements are addressed.