Am I a young carer?

Are you under 18? Do you look after someone who is ill, frail, has a disability or mental health problem, or misuses drugs or alcohol? If this applies to you, you are a young carer. Young carers provide very important help to their families, and because of this we want to hear from you. If you need someone to talk to you can visit our CYP Haven, a safe place for young people in crisis.


There are many activities that a you, as a young carer, might be helping with. If you answer "I help with this" to any of the activities in the table below it is likely that you are a young carer.

Remember, helping someone to do something can come in many forms. You could be doing it for them, giving them reassurance when they are doing it, or you could be reminding them it needs to be done. The important thing is if, without your support, it's likely they wouldn't be able to do it themselves.

I don't help with thisI help with this
Washing / bathing / showering
Getting dressed
Using the toilet
Getting in or out of bed
Eating or drinking
Taking medication
Interpreting what they say
Laundry and / or ironing
Paying bills
Keeping them safe
Helping them calm down
Comforting them
Listening to them
Helping them if they have fallen
Looking after them if they are drunk or have taken drugs
Helping them to feel better about themselves
Stopping them from hurting themselves
Looking after younger family members
Helping in an emergency