Meeting the Childcare Challenge

Financial help for parents

Nursery education grant

This funds part time early education for children aged 3-5 years and can be claimed through your nursery provider.

Tax credits

Child tax credit is a payment to support families and children. You can claim this if you are responsible for one child or more.
Working tax credit is paid to top up the earning of people on a low income and includes support for childcare costs. You can claim for this if you are responsible for a child and work at least 16 hours per week.

For more information call the Tax Credits Help-line on 0845 300 3900 or visit the website


Childcare Vouchers with ComputerShare

We have teamed up with ComputerShare, the leading childcare voucher scheme, to help our staff with childcare costs. The vouchers can be used towards any registered childcare and are valid for children up to and including the age of 15.

The scheme allows working parents to exchange up to £243 of their gross income for childcare vouchers - without having to pay tyax, national insurance or any pension contributions.

If both parents are eligible for the scheme then savings can be as high as up to £1800 per year.

For more information visit .


Apple Tree Day Nursery, Epsom

Apple Tree Day Nursery is a friendly and professional children's day nursery at West Park in Epsom.

It was established in 1984 and although run by the NHS, is open to children from any family.

The service is  rated ‘Good’ by Ofsted. Other benefits include:

  • Competitive rates compared to private nurseries
  • Semi-rural picturesque environment, excellent outdoor play facilities including a large garden, wooden climbing frames and a ‘walk-in’ sandpit
  • Freshly prepared meals made on-site every day
  • Very low staff turnover, no staff agency used
  • Local children’s amenities i.e. park and farm horses, duck pond, church, town, library
  • Easy parking for drop off or pick up

Visit our website for more information:

If you would like more information or to arrange a visit, please call Lisa Whitlock or Angela O’Sullivan, Nursery Managers, on 01372 203477 or drop them an email at or

Useful contacts

The Children’s Information Service holds a wide range of information on services for children aged 0 – 14. years. Visit their website at