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Mindsight Surrey CAMHS has now been operational for 18 months providing comprehensive health and social care support for children and young people with mental ill-health and learning disabilities in collaboration with our 11 partners.

Amongst the great work going on within Mindsight Surrey CAMHS Services such as our Eating Disorder Services and Looked After Children Services we recognise there have been some lengthy waits for our Behavioural, Emotional and Neurodevelopmental (BEN) Services and CAMHS Community Teams. This is due to significantly higher than planned for demand on services.

Within our BEN Services the average waiting times from referral to assessment have increased and are currently at 30 weeks. However, the average length of time from referral to treatment has decreased to 23 weeks. As part of our BEN pathway we do offer 6—8 week parenting support courses through our partners Barnardo’s and peer support networks through the National Autistic Society both of which are immediately available on referral.

We appreciate these waits may cause concern for children and young people and their families and apologise for this. We are working hard to bring down the waiting times and improve our services as outlined below.

Improvement and Development Plan

We are actively engaging with colleagues from our NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups and Surrey County Council and this has led to us creating an Improvement and Development Plan which will be delivered over the next six months to significantly improve our BEN and CAMHS Community Teams services. Our plans are ambitious and fully focused on the young people we serve. They include:

  • Establishing additional CAMHS Community Team clinics to reduce waiting times
  • Working with our Mindsight Surrey CAMHS partners to help cater for the increased demand
  • Improving access to the BEN Service to offer a timely and more comprehensive service
  • Enhancing the capability of our CAMHS staff in screening for ASD
  • Enhancing ADHD treatment by improving our clinic processes
  • Reviewing and improving communications with families so they are better able to access the wide range of support available following referral to CAMHS OneStop

We have a dedicated project manager in place to ensure our plans stay on track and will be providing regular updates to commissioners over the next six months and will also be providing you with quarterly updates.

Immediate Online Support Available
Children and young people between 11-19 years can log on to to receive online mental health counselling and well-being support. They can remain anonymous whilst accessing direct counselling, and/or browsing the site for self-help information and guidance.

To receive postcards to give to young people please contact or call the CAMHS OneStop on 0300 222 5755.

If you would like to work more closely with us on our improvements or to understand more about our services please do get in touch at or contact the CAMHS OneStop on 0300 222 5755.

Our Partners

Mindsight Surrey CAMHS is a health and social care partnership for children and young people with mental health problems and learning disabilities in Surrey.

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