Specialist CAMHS Service

Our specialist CAMHS services comprise child and adolescent mental health teams and primary mental health teams. We work with other agencies in education and social care to form the Children and Young Peoples Service for Surrey.




We are an integrated, multi-disciplinary team, providing psychiatry, psychology, psychotherapy, family therapy and arts therapies. This enables us to offer a variety of assessment and treatment methods appropriate to the needs of each individual and their family.




What we do

Our Specialist CAMHS team see children and young people with moderate mental health difficulties through to more complex or chronic problems, which affect their ability to function normally. These range from anxiety and depression to eating disorders, self-harm and developmental problems.


Working with each young person and their family we develop a care plan based on their needs and expectations. Our specialist services provide treatment through a number of care pathways:

  • Complex Behaviour
  • Emotional wellbeing (Anxiety, Depression and Trauma)
  • Severe Mental Health (Psychosis/Bi-Polar)
  • Parent-Infant Mental Health
  • Urgent Care (for young people admitted to hospital via A&E)
  • Carers - providing carers with information and advice




For more information you can read our service leaflet here.

How to access our service

We accept referrals from health, social care or education practitioners such as a GP or teacher. This ensures that every child or young person referred is in contact with the right service and receives appropriate treatment and support. Please contact your GP, teacher or social care worker to get a child or young person a referral to our service. More information is available on our 'Making a referral' web page.


If you have any questions about a child or young person’s mental health, call CAMHS One Stop for advice on 0300222 5755.