CAMHS Care Leavers Service

CAMHS Care Leavers Service

About us

Our Care Leavers service is for young people who have emerging to moderate emotional and mental health difficulties. Some of the concerns you may have could be difficult thoughts, feelings and behaviours that you cannot understand. For example, you might have difficulties managing areas of your life such as relationships, education or employment.

As well as experiencing difficult thoughts and feelings, you may be experiencing difficulties in other areas of your life such problems with alcohol, drugs or homelessness. The care leavers service can provide support and help you find a service that will offer you support to have better control over these issues.

We provide a primary mental health service, which offers additional support but does not replace existing provision for this age group, including CAMHS (under 18s) or the Community Mental Health Recovery Services (CMHRS) for over 18s.

Our Care Leavers Service aims to:

  • Support young people to have their voice heard throughout their treatment
  • Provide support to young people to reduce the risk of long term mental health needs
  • Support you to access appropriate services that will meet your needs
  • Carry out assessment and provide individual support sessions for young people
  • Advocate for and support you when you might require ongoing support from adult services
  • Ensure you are treated as an individual and work in partnership with you throughout your time in contact with us.

For more information you can read our service leaflet here.

An easy read version of this service leaflet is available by clicking here.

How to access our service

You can contact the Care leavers service directly if you would like advice, information or would like to talk through a concern about mental health. Call 01372 203096.

If a care leaver is previously known to the service or is currently receiving support from Surrey Children’s Services, they can be referred via the current consultation process provided to Personal Advisers by their named Care Leavers Service Specialist Mental Health Practitioner.

If you have any questions about a child or young person’s mental health, call CAMHS One Stop for advice on 0300 222 5755.

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