Targeted Services

Targeted services for Mindsight Surrey CAMHS

Our targeted services help vulnerable children and young people and we are working closely with our voluntary sector partners to provide these services;

Primary Mental Health

Our Primary Mental Health Team (PMHT) supports children and young people when they begin to feel emotionally or mentally unwell. We help to build resilience and improve wellbeing to reduce the chances of problems becoming more serious.

Children in Care (3Cs)

Our team provide a dedicated mental health service for children and young people who are in the care of Surrey Children’s Services and their carers.

Post Order Support Service

We provide a dedicated service to children and young people aged 0-18 years who  have either an adoption or special guardianship order. We promote stability in families and mental wellbeing to give children and young people the opportunity to reach their potential in adulthood.

CAMHS Care Leavers

Our Care Leavers Service is for young people aged 16-25 with emerging to moderate mental health difficulties that are creating problems in their lives in areas such as relationships, education or employment.

Hope and Extended Hope

This service is a joint partnership between Surrey and Borders Partnership and Surrey County Council. We offer a unique county-wide integrated service for young people experiencing complex mental health, emotional or behavioural difficulties.

We are a multi- agency team consisting of teachers, social workers, arts therapists, psychologists, community psychiatric nurses, activity support workers, psychiatrists and family therapists. It’s the collaborative nature of how we work together and with partners that enables us to achieve such positive outcomes for the young people in our care.

The Hope Day Service works with young people from 11-18 years on a short term basis, usually from six months to a year. Our aim is to prevent or shorten young people’s stays in psychiatric inpatient adolescent units or out of the county social care placements. We work with young people to keep them in their community, we aspire to ensure that on discharge, young people have equal access and opportunities to the best education, training or employment in their local area. During the holidays we run a comprehensive programme of activities on both sites as well as using resources in the community.

The Extended Hope Service provides out of hours support from community psychiatric nurses and residential social workers for young people aged 11-18 years. If a young person is using a crisis bed and is not already referred into the Hope Day Service, they can access the day programme with extra support during their stay.

The Hope and Extended Hope Service Operational Policy can be viewed here.

STARS (Sexual Trauma and Recovery Support)

We provide specialist treatment and support for children, young people and families who have been affected by sexual abuse.

Parent and Infant Mental Health (PIMHS)

Our Parent Infant Mental Health Service, known as PIMHS provides support for parents expecting a baby and up to the age of one year. We are a small team of specialist health visitors, child psychotherapists and perinatal therapists.

Behaviour and Neurodevelopmental Service

Our Behaviour and Neurodevelopmental Service (sometimes referred to as BEN) provides information, advice, guidance and treatment for children, young people and their families where neurodevelopmental disorders are suspected (pre-diagnosis) and diagnosed. Our service focuses on disorders such as autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and foetal alcohol syndrome, as well as broader behavioural difficulties.

CAMHS ADHD / ASD Service - West Surrey

From 1st December 2017 we have taken over responsibility for providing follow-up appointments for children and young people who have been diagnosed with ADHD or ADHD and an Autistic Spectrum Disorder. We are continuing to provide the service from the St Peter's and Ashford Hospitals site.