Take part in Surrey County Council’s smoking at home quiz!

Click here to find out all about Surrey County Council's campaign and quiz which aims to highlight the dangers of smoking at home.

Many smokers don’t like to think their smoking affects others, particularly their own children or family, but some steps people take to keep smoke out of their homes don’t always work.

Did you know, smoking out of the window or just outside the back door doesn’t stop smoke from getting into your home? Smoke easily seeps back indoors moving from room to room whilst clinging to furniture, curtains, carpets and pet’s fur. Over 80% of smoke is invisible and can linger in the air for hours so smoking when children have gone to bed or just smoking in one particular room doesn’t stop its effects.

For a chance to win tickets to Chessington World of Adventures or Birdworld, take part in SCC's quiz to test your knowledge on how smoking at home could seriously damage the health of you or those around you.

Surrey County Council is currently running a campaign aimed at highlighting the dangers of secondhand smoke in people’s homes. For more information on this campaign, including a handy YouTube video, click here.

Don’t forget:

It’s less than three months until our Trust will become smokefree! From 2nd October, we will be asking you not to smoke on any of our premises, including car parks, gardens and grounds.

To find out more, please click here.