What people say

What students say

“The Recovery College has had a huge positive impact on not only me, but also my friends and my family.”

“The Recovery College has given me the confidence and motivation to engage with my recovery – with myself, and has given me hope.”

“The Recovery College has helped me feel less alone with my mental health condition, and helped to install a sense of hope, acceptance and belief that change is possible.”

"The Recovery College has had a positive impact on my recovery by allowing me to talk honestly."

“Since attending the Recovery College I have not only been able to communicate about my mental health condition to others more, but also more effectively.”

“The Recovery College has been an excellent environment in which to begin/carry on my recovery journey.”

“I liked that the Recovery College was educational rather than therapy based.”

“It has been really helpful to be able to engage with the NHS on the subject of mental health, without having to be in crisis.”

“I now take more time to look after myself."

"The Recovery College was available to me at a time when I was ineligible for all other local NHS services."

“On first contact with the Recovery College I felt like I had found solid ground, and that sense has sustained. It has been really important for me to be able to engage in respecting and supportive relationships with mental health professionals in the Recovery College, and to experience it as safe. The wide social and professional system is very grounding and validating, and helps to earth many of the challenges which I face at times. The Recovery College has helped me to relate better within a sometimes fragmented family system, which I hope may benefit us all in the longer term.”

“I have met some nice people during my time at the Recovery College.”

What Recovery Coaches say

"I have really enjoyed being a Recovery Coach at the Recovery College. The opportunity to use my lived experience in a constructive way, helping others on their recovery journey is helping me on my own recovery journey too."

What Professionals say

“Whilst I have always believed in working alongside people with lived experience, the model of the Recovery College has enabled me to fully embrace this way of working.  I have seen what a positive impact the peer recovery coaches have on students as well as challenging some of my own assumptions and ways of working.”

What Course Facilitators say

“I have found the effect of having people with lived experience, family / carers and staff participating in the same course as students, to be incredibly powerful.”