Get creative

Engaging in creative activities can help you express your recovery story. Some people who use our services are referred for arts therapies, where they can communicate and understand difficult feelings in a safe, supportive environment. Many join creative groups in their local community.

Below are examples of work that people who use our services have created something using 'recovery' as their inspiration. To submit your piece of creative work for this page, please email







Recovery prison



Recovery isn't a straight line,
It's jagged,
It folds back in on itself,
It's painful,
It's lonely,
It's frightening.
But somewhere along the way,
there are pockets of hopefulness
to help you climb back out of the hole.
And all along the way you ARE making progress, even if it doesn't feel like it.
(Sometimes it's another person like your therapist or GP who sees the progress you are making).



There isn't a right way, there is just a way and that way is my way,

It is my road, and is made up of the cobbles of my existence and is flanked by the wild flowers
of smiles and weeds of past tears.

There isn't a turning ahead with a sign that gives the right directions, just lots of small paths
that invite a wandering eye and a questioning soul, and that will all reach the same
destination which is my destination.

I know that the air is good and my back is strong and my companions are loyal and kind
and will hold my hand if I falter.

There isn't a way where I can be lost because home is in my heart and it's hearth burns in my
breath and in the curve of my smile as I still find the strength to look up and forge ahead.




The poems below are about people’s experiences of living with Borderline Personality Disorder and taking part in our STEPPS programme.
Please note, ‘Re-vision’ contains some swear words.

Dear BDP

I used to think being vulnerable meant
To tear down your walls with someone’s consent
Even if it hurts you, destroys you inside
To reach out for some help was to swallow your pride
I thought opening up was an innately exhausting process
Because the person holding my hand discouraged my progress
They told me I’m cold, I’m selfish, careless, mad
They weren’t in my mind, disillusioned and sad
So I dug holes in my skin to find something to give
During times when I felt there was no reason to live
Until later, realising I’m covered in holes I didn’t create
I found STEPPS, I found help, I found a clean slate
I’d been blindly grasping at intimacy when I felt alone
Not knowing I had skills and resources of my own
A thought it a concept, not necessarily a fact
Even now I can forget to keep reality in tact
But mindfulness taught me I’m here and it’s effortless
I don’t feel like a stranger within my own tenderness
I’ve met others like me, I’ve felt what they share
I see beauty in madness, I have hope in self-care
I’m not a clean slate, nor a smooth transition
A relapse can happen, it’s all part of the mission
These hollowed out spaces are evidence of ways
I let the wrong voice in and wasted my days
But now the steps I have learned have a certain ring
to me, you cannot hold me, you cannot cling to me
Let go, it won’t serve you, choose what you allow
I’m free and I’d like to hold on to myself for now.



I stumbled my way into STEPPS
Apprehensive of what I’d find:
20 weeks said to be ‘intense’
Was I out of my bloody mind!
But lost, I found I needed direction
I finally had to succumb….
Maybe with some light from the intervention
I could be more than I’d become.
It’s not easy, frequently causing pain,
Coming to terms with myself….
I almost gave up/gave in again
Leaving my future marooned on the shelf.
So I’m opening my ‘boxes’ buried to deep
Re-viewing what that shit was about,
‘Challenging’, ‘filtering’. Choosing what to keep,
and kicking the rest of the crap right out!
The pain remains distanced, with the occasional nod….
I know, I no longer want to be that ‘bod’.
I’m not saying that this is the answer
It’s just my personal view….
But so far I feel more solid, more in touch,
More aware of what or not to do.
We’re all different, but all the same….
There’s no common answer or cure.
Learning the method, the savvy, shedding the blame,
Helps me understand…me…others….more.