More creativity

Here are more examples of work that people who use our services have created using 'recovery' as their inspiration. To submit your piece of creative work, please email


Like a Butterfly

Dark and light, just like a chrysalis
My soul is all bound up
Inside my mind
And cannot find eternal bliss

Then through the dark night of my soul
I see a distant light
I try to spread my fragile wings
A breeze starts off my flight

And as my wings unfold themselves
Just aided by your love
I feel myself being lifted up
To meet your arms above

And as my soul begins to sing
An ode to what its part of
I can see love in everything
And everything in love

We’re all potential butterflies
We all can learn to fly
We need to dare to spread our wings
And we will never die




Crumbs thrown at a distance,
constant lacking and not
being fed adequately.
Nurture and care missing, presumed dead.

Lying, pulse racing, on a bed
that may have been snow-covered
Calming, restorative and held by handover.

Responsibility curtailed,
peace but shaking.
Time out in a safety microcosm,
the conceptual white: out of chaos and into light.

Integration of a splintered mind,
slowly, softly, grasped and taken,
gently brought back from the
underbelly of the brain.

Not a foot wrong,
Not a syllable misplaced,
sledgehammer anaesthetises
but cradling of the delicate a feat of undertaking.

Sensitivity and cocoa,
warmth and laughter,
back to the land of the earth;
dropped from the sky.

Wings and security,
angel in the haze of people,
beacon flashing amid lost souls
and aching brains.

Fractures healing,
time and time again,
brought into the mould
and sent into a lighter world.

Thank you, Mike, for everything.

With love from Julia.

Treasure beneath the waves

I ride on stormy seas with this disease,
On deep dark days, beneath the waves,
I’ve sunk to the bottom like a shipwreck,
A silent disused vessel covered in seaweed.
I wait patiently until the divers come and rescue me.
They bring me to the surface,
Restoring me to my former glory.
Sails unfurl once more,
The sea is calm and still,
A sunset in brilliant myriad of colours prevails.



Sometimes I dream I’m a fairy
A fairy who flies and sings.
This fairy swoops high with a
Gleam in her eye,
And sweeps lower than you should fly,
Glides effortlessly too with these wings
Of rainbow delight
Carries a wand that is so bright,
On her back is a bag of fairy dust
Which she sprinkles out at the mist,
Over you and I,
I wonder why?
To minister her healing,
Her wand is dazzling,
Carries her through the dark of night,
So that everything is alright.



Heaven and Hell
by D, S P and Y.
Facilitated by Music Therapist Catrin Piears-Banton in a Music Therapy Group.

Nowhere to run to, Nowhere to hide
Just got to get this Doc on my side
Torture and frustration, desperation
To get off this medication

CHORUS: Trust things will change, A return to life
Working and travel, away from the strife
Having optimism is a way out of this prison
An aim, a goal, It’s giving me soul

I was depressed, felt so repressed
Desperation to sort this medication
Seeing friends, this isn't the end
Can this kind of happiness mend?


Being where you want to be,
Good health, loving family
Staying positive, don’t hurry
Have a joke, live life, don’t worry


Having optimism is a way out of this prison
An aim, a goal, It’s giving me soul
Having purpose, not looking back
Going to heaven, I’m back on track.