Points to remember

  • Although life may be different from the way it was before developing a mental health condition, this does not mean that life has to be any less meaningful than before
  • Mental illness may be a part of you, but it does not completely define you
  • It is important to remember that recovery is not necessarily an end point. It is an on-going process, a journey, rather than a place to reach
  • These journeys are very personal, as recovery will mean something different to every individual. For one person, recovery might mean they are able to gain a sense of control over their illness and maintain ‘wellness’. Recovery to another person could mean being able to give something back to their community by volunteering or working. For another, it could mean they are able to live independently, have a relationship or engage in enjoyable activities. Regardless of its meaning, every person can achieve some level of recovery in their lives
  • Recovery is difficult and can involve lots of hiccups; it’s not a straight upward line. However, it is possible to be gripped by the worst your mental health conditions can throw at you while still moving along the recovery journey. Learning from each of these experiences and applying the lessons to further encounters (for example through use of a Wellness Recovery Action Plan can aid your recovery