What people say about recovery

We asked people who use our Hollies, Conifers and Surrey Heath Community Mental Health Recovery Services what recovery is to them. Thanks to everyone for their contributions.

Recovery is...

  • '...making the most of the things I can do'
  • '...a journey on a travellator. Sometimes I walk straight, sometimes I step into a lift and go to the basement (depression). Sometimes I step on and it goes to the top floor (mania). Hopefully it always returns to walk'
  • '...feeling more confident'
  • '...the wrong word. 'Coping' or 'living with' would be better'
  • '...doing better today than yesterday'
  • '...smiling at a stranger'
  • '...hard'
  • '...doing your best'
  • '...difficult. It is probably the hardest thing you will ever do. But in doing so, in making slow progress, you will learn a lot about yourself and a lot about life'
  • ‘...more about being stable than a recovery'
  • ‘...moving away from crisis management and being able to successfully manage my wellbeing’
  • ‘...a bit daunting’
  • ‘...getting a buzz by helping other mental health carers and service users
  • ‘...helping you get on to the next step of life’
  • ‘...feeling better about yourself – raising self-esteem’
  • ‘...feeling like you are making progress towards your own goals’
  • ‘...getting support from others in the same boat’
  • ‘...seeing someone have fun’
  • ‘...coping with everyday things, being able to move on to coping and enjoying life’
  • ‘...using your mind to help you get better.’

A carer's perspective
'Coping with mental illness is a bit like a roller coaster, ranging from really hopeful one minute and despair at another. Perhaps recovery for me is about trying to balance between the two extremes.’