Dr Nilforooshan explains our new dementia study

We are leading a major new dementia study looking at how technology can improve the lives of people with dementia. Dr Nilforooshan explains more...

Surrey and Borders Partnership is leading a major new study - the biggest of its kind - which will look at how smart technology can improve the lives of people living with dementia.

The study, called TIHM for dementia, will involve 1400 people with dementia and their carers from Surrey and North East Hampshire, and will trial devices that allow a person's health and wellbeing to be remotely monitored.

By collecting someone's health data, unusual patterns of behaviour can be detected. This will enable clinicians to intervene earlier to help avoid crisis situations. We also hope it will relieve the pressure on carers.

Dr Ramin Nilforooshan, Consltant Psychiatrist and lead clinician for TIHM for dementia, spoke to Internet of Business to explain how this study, which is part of the NHS Test Bed programme, will utilise the Internet of Things.

To find out more about the study visit the TIHM for dementia website.