Our approach

Two womenPeople with unhealthy eating behaviours such as restricting their food intake or bingeing and/or purging may disrupt their physical, psychological and social wellbeing. Medical complications can arise which can be life-threatening.

We know that eating disorders are complex; an eating disorder can be a person’s way of coping with underlying psychological problems. That's why our approach is to restore a healthy food intake and body weight and to address psychological problems during treatment.

Some people find it difficult to maintain the motivation they need to work on treatment for their eating disorder because it feels frightening to contemplate weight gain and behaviour change. Our approach is to work closely with them on identifying the costs and benefits of change and finding ways in which their motivation can be increased and maintained throughout their treatment.

We use our outpatient and community-based services most of the time but occasionally it's necessary for us to refer people for hospital treatment because of their medical risks (slow heart rate, dehydration) or psychiatric risks (suicidal thoughts and actions). In these cases, we ensure that we work collaboratively with hospitals so that the transition of care goes as smoothly as possible.

Find out how to get referred, how we assess people and what treatment we offer.