Indian womenRecovery from an eating disorder takes time and determination but it's important to remember that it is possible to achieve.

Building up the motivation and strength to start working on change is possibly the most important step to take towards recovery.

It's important to not give up hope of recovery: many people find that they go through treatment in different settings a number of times before they manage to get on top of their eating difficulties. This can be for a number
of reasons such as life circumstances at the time, strength of personal
resolve and sometimes just not feeling confident about life without an eating disorder.

Some of the people we see sometimes decide to leave treatment after a period of time as they begin to feel stuck and are unable to continue on their journey to recovery. Many often return when they feel that they are ready to do some more work on their eating problems as they realise that a partial recovery from an eating problem limits their life choices.

Others continue to need support from time to time as life stressors occur but many people recover and gain the confidence to continue their lives free of the eating disorder.

What people say
“To anyone considering Day Care at Farnham, do not give it a second thought – go! It can change your life and help you reclaim your life. It is hard but your life is worth fighting for.”

“I have suffered from an Eating Disorder for some years and even when I gave up on myself, the service never did. Thankfully they supported me through intensive treatment and have never failed me. The staff are extremely experienced and dedicated and should be commended for the good work they do.”

“After many years of treatment in and out of hospital, I am presently in recovery at a healthy weight. This time I have pushed through each hurdle and especially during my time at Farnham [Day Care], I would not have got through without the support of staff and other patients.”

“What’s normal when starting treatment? Feelings of anxiety, stress, panic and fear are all “normal” feelings when you first start but be reassured, this subsides as you become more familiar with the treatment programme.”

“Everyone needs to start somewhere and the EDS at Farnham and Chertsey is a great support and lifeline if you use it properly. When first deciding to go into treatment you may not want to think about getting to a healthy weight but you may want to change how your life – or lack of it – has become.”

“It’s tough and some days you’ll want to give up, however you just have to keep plodding along. In the hard times the staff will support you and over time you will start to see glimpses of life – when you experience these, write them down and keep a log. This is really motivating when times are tough.”

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