Getting referred

Woman with GlassesIf you think you're suffering from an eating disorder, we recommend that you visit your GP first and talk through your concerns with them. Your GP can then discuss with you whether it might be helpful for you to be referred to us for further assessment.

It may be necessary for you to have some blood investigations before you come and see us so that we can get a better picture of your physical health.

Your referral will be discussed in our team meeting and if we feel that we're the right service for you, you'll be invited by post to opt into the service for an assessment within seven days of receipt of your referral.

If you opt into the service, you will receive a triage assessment appointment within four weeks of your referral.

Referrals deemed urgent by clinical staff will be offered an appointment within ten days on receipt of referral. Urgency is determined by factors including (but not limited to):

  • the rate of your weight loss
  • the presence of clinical complications
  • your Body Mass Index (BMI)

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