Systemic Family Therapy

How Systemic Family Therapy can help

Family Therapy may help in a variety of ways, for example by:

  • Improving communication and understanding in relationships, particularly at times of major change or stress
  • Reducing the sense of isolation felt by the person suffering from a mental health condition, as well as other involved family members
  • Increasing levels of understanding and enabling family  members to lead as fulfilling a life as possible

There are a range of relationship issues that can benefit from Family Therapy:

  • Family and marital/partnership  discord
  • Communication and intimacy difficulties
  • Trauma impacting on relationships
  • Gender identity issues
  • Blended family issues
  • Relationship issues linked to difficulties in adjusting to major life changes such as: bereavement, life cycle events, divorce and separation.

The family therapy team of qualified systemic and family psychotherapists provide assessment and therapy covering a wide range of mental health and relationship difficulties.  We also provide systemic supervision and consultation to other professionals within the Trust. If you are in any doubt about referring to the systemic family therapy service please contact us.

To meet our criteria for assessment and treatment, the person needs to have a mental health problem as well as be experiencing relationship difficulties. Any mental health professional involved in the care and treatment of the individual can refer to us. People cannot self-refer and we do not accept referrals from GP surgeries.

Please call us on 01483 443 603. Our Team Leader is Hilary Waller, although any team member will be happy to discuss a referral or consultation with you.