Community Forensic Mental Health

What we do

The Community Forensic Service is a specialist service for people with a mental health condition who pose a serious risk of harm to others. We also offer support to their carers.

We co-ordinate the care of people in the community who are under a restriction order of the Mental Health Act. The team manage access to low, medium and high secure inpatient beds and have oversight of the admission. We also support other teams and external organisations through specialist assessments and joint working.

Who uses our service?

People who use our service are adults who:

  • are aged 16+ (not all of our services are available to those aged between 16-18 years)
  • live in Surrey or North East Hampshire
  • have a diagnosis of mental illness
  • have either committed (or are suspected of / alleged to have committed) a serious offence, or are believed to be at risk of doing so