Neuropsychological Assessment Service

This service aims at increasing access to appropriate assessment of cognitive functioning, as well as supporting clinicians across the Trust in the assessment of cognitive functioning. 

We provide highly specialist assessments of clients who are suspected to, or have, an organic impairment of the brain.  Clients who are seen may have had a head injury, or suffer from another condition which affects the brain, such as a neuro-psychiatric or neurological illness, or they may have developed a concern that their intellectual and/or memory functions are adversely affected. They would be people of working age from 18 years upwards.

The service is provided by Practitioner (Clinical) Psychologists registered with the Health Professions Council and Chartered with the British Psychological Society, who are also Full Member Practitioners of the Division of Neuropsychology within the British Psychological Society.

Further information on the training and qualifications required to practice as a Clinical Neuropsychologist can be found here.

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The Neuropsychology service is based across three sectors: