Psychotherapy Mid Surrey

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Contact Details

Ramsay House
Richmond Crescent
KT19 8PH

Telephone Number: 01372 203456

Opening Times

Monday - Thursday, 9am - 5pm

Contact Names

Consultant Psychiatrist : Sean Fernandez

Service Description

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy is a talking therapy which aims to help people to understand what their past relationships and experiences mean to them and the ways in which they affect their lives now.

Difficult experiences throughout life can have lasting effects on how we think and feel, and the way we relate to other people around us.  Some of these links may be easy to understand, but there may be others of which we are less well aware and yet they lead us to feel and behave in ways which we don’t understand and seem unable to change. Some of these difficulties are likely to emerge in the relationship with the therapist who is trained to help people to identify and gain control over these feelings and behaviours.

We offer individual and group psychotherapy,

There is also an 18 month programme aimed specifically for those with a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder. The programme, run jointly with the Art Therapy department, uses a Mentalisation Based Treatment approach and complements the MBT Course run by Specialist Psychology. It is an intensive therapy programme, comprising three distinct components a week; an individual session, a talking therapy group and an art therapy group.

    Length of therapy

    Usually psychotherapy involves meeting regularly once a week over a period and at a time agreed by you and your psychotherapist.

    Group therapy sessions meet weekly and each session last between 1 - 1½ hours.  Some groups meet for a set period of time; others will be ongoing, in which case a commitment of at least a year is usually necessary.

    • Dr Sean Fernandez - Consultant Psychiatrist in Psychotherapy
    • Sara Daniels - Team Administrator
    • Kiki Jeffries - Principle Adult Psychotherapist
    • Beverley Greaves - Adult Psychotherapist

    WTE Clinicians – 2.85

    We are based at Ramsay House in Epsom. To find us, use the map on the right or download a printable map.

    Areas Covered

    Elmbridge , Epsom and Ewell , Mole Valley

    Referral Process

    We accept referrals from the full range of NHS, Social Work and related professionals. These include Psychiatry and Community Mental Health Recovery Services (CMHRSs).

    Referral Criteria

    Usually people will have had some brief intervention, either in primary care or CMHRS, before being referred to more specialist psychotherapy.