Psychotherapy West Surrey

Service Location

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Contact Details

Farnham Road Hospital
Farnham Road

Telephone Number: 01483 443683
Fax Number: 01483 443533

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Service Description

Individual Therapy

The relationship with the therapist is a crucial element in the therapy.  The therapist offers a confidential and private setting which facilitates a process where unconscious patterns of the person’s inner world are reflected in the relationship with the therapist.

Group Psychotherapy

Individuals benefit from being part of a group experience in which family and other difficulties in interpersonal relationships can be worked through using the relationships in the group.

Individual and Group Therapy in combination

This will usually mean a period of individual therapy of 3 – 12 months, followed by group therapy.

Length of Therapy

Individual therapy consists of weekly sessions (50 mins).  Length of therapy is tailored according to each individual situation, for up to two years.

Group therapy consists of weekly sessions (1½ hrs) for up to three years.

Areas Covered

Guildford , Surrey Heath , Waverley

Referral Process

Any health worker can refer, usually a GP, Psychiatrist or colleague from the Community Mental Health Recovery Service (CMHRS) team.

Referral Criteria

Usually people referred to us will have had some brief intervention, either in primary care or via a CMHRS, before being referred to more specialist psychotherapy.