Rehabilitation Services

Your guide to our adult mental health rehabilitation services

We provide mental health rehabilitation services for adults aged from 18 to 65.

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About rehabilitation services

What are rehabilitation services?

Rehabilitation services are designed to equip people with severe and enduring mental illness with the skills they need to live more independently.

Skills training is offered in the areas of personal care, domestic tasks, money management, leisure time, work activities and the management and treatment of mental health problems.

How are they different to hospital inpatient services?

People have more freedom and responsibility than they do in a mental health inpatient unit whilst still having access to specialist mental health support on-site.

24 hour nursing care, supported by a multi-disciplinary team, is provided as part of the service but people live more as they would in the community – with access to a shared kitchen to prepare their own meals and the chance to leave the house much more freely, to pursue educational courses and voluntary work if they choose to.

Who might use this service?

Someone may be referred to a mental health rehabilitation unit if they require a phased approach to their discharge, or if they need additional support – but not the level provided in a ward environment.

Stays in rehabilitation units are designed to be temporary, from three to six months to help people progress to the next stage in their recovery programme.