About CAMHS community teams

CAMHS stands for 'Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services'. CAMHS community teams teams assess and treat children and young people who present with mild, moderate or severe and complex concerns which are having a significant impact on a their development and are causing them and/or their carers distress.

We focus on behaviours which indicate mild and moderate to severe mental health and development needs that are causing the child or young person's functioning to deteriorate and problems to escalate. These difficulties may be having a significant impact on the child or young person’s development quality of life.

The conditions we assess include:

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorders
  • Depressive disorders
  • Deliberate self harm
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Post traumatic syndromes
  • Severe behavioural problems

People using our service must be under the age of 18 and registered with a GP based in Surrey.

Read about our approach and the referrals process.

Information sharing consent forms

Sometimes sharing information that you have provided us to people from other organisations (e.g. Children’s Social Services, schools, etc.) can be useful. This allows us to work in a joined-up way with other services, which can help make our work even more effective. On each such occasion, we will discuss this with you beforehand, explaining the pros and cons of sharing the information, as well as other available options. If you’re happy for us to share this information, we make sure this is documented in your child’s records which are held on our computer system.

Please note these are for guidance only so that you are aware of how our consent processes work.

Click here to download and read the Consent to Share Information form for parents and carers

Click here to download and read the Consent to Share Information form for young people

Click here to download and read the Consent to Treatment form for young people

New service from 1 April 2016
From 1 April 2016, Surrey's mental health and learning disability services for children and young people are changing for the better.

To achieve this, we are leading an innovative partnership of both national and local voluntary, statutory and private providers, who have proven track records in delivering services to children and young people. the new service is called Mindsight Surrey CAMHS.

A new partnership model of care will help us deliver greater support to more children and young people with the aim of reaching them before they become seriously unwell.

One of the key changes under the new CAMHS model will be the creation of a single point of contact for referrals to CAMHS services and booking of appointments. This will be managed by partner, Beacon UK, and will ensure that those being referred are in contact with the right service and get the appropriate level of treatment and support.

For further information, download our new service brochure Creating a new vision for Surrey CAMHS.