Getting our help

Although it may feel scary to talk about your symptoms, the earlier
psychosis is diagnosed and treated, the more likely you are to get
The majority of people recover in less than six months with ongoing treatment and support.

There are three ways you can get our help:

Ask your GP to refer you
Make an appointment with your GP and discuss your symptoms with him/her. They can then refer you to us.

Ask someone you trust to refer you
We accept referrals from family members, carers, teachers, social workers or anyone involved in your care. You must be aware that they're referring you and this must be your first episode of psychosis.

Refer yourself
Contact the team nearest to you and we can meet you to talk about your symptoms. Getting treatment early increases your chance of a full recovery so we recommend contacting us as soon as you can.

Read how we support your family/carers and what people say about us.