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Many young people experience thoughts and moods that can leave you feeling lonely and scared. They can pop up with no warning: changes in your mood, suddenly feeling anxious, withdrawn or lacking in energy can he hard for you or your loved ones to understand if you've never experienced those things before. They can leave you feeling isolated too, because they're difficult to talk about.

The My Journey app is designed to help you keep track of how you;re feeling. By working through the set of questions with an easy-to-use rating wheel, My Journey can help you make informed choices about what to do to improve your mental health.

Using My Journey you can:

  • Monitor your mood
  • Set goals and track your progress at your own pace
  • Receive advice on what to do and who to contact if you need help
  • Keep track of any medication you take
  • As you work through the app, it also gives you simple tips on things you can do to help you feel better such as sleep, dietary and exercise advice.

The app doesn't store your ratings, so you can use it repeatedly and receive targeted advice on how you're feeling day-by-day.

My Journey was created by Surrey and Borders partnership NHS Foundation Trust and young people who have used our services.

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