Art, music and drama

Surrey and Borders offer three forms of arts therapy; art therapy, music therapy and drama therapy:

Art Therapy

Art therapy is a process by which individuals can explore aspects of themselves and their patterns of relating to others using art-making as the primary (or additional) way of communicating with their art therapist. Materials people use in art therapy include paints, felt pens, crayons, pencils, clay and collage materials.

Music Therapy

Music therapy provides a process through which people can express themselves, become aware of their feelings and interact more easily. The person taking part and their therapist do talk during sessions but most of their communication takes place through making music and sound together.

To find out more watch our music therapy video.

Drama Therapy

Dramatherapy uses the healing aspects of drama, theatre and role play to facilitate change. The therapeutic process involves creativity, imagination and personal learning and people might work with objects, puppets, story, movement and structured games.

“My therapy gave me a new way of thinking about my negative thoughts and my self-doubt. I try to be in the here and now and apply what I understand to my life today.”

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