What people say

We asked some people who have used our services to describe how arts therapies helped them:

“Understanding myself and my feelings better on a more conscious level enabled me to be less ‘prickly’ when in company.”

“Producing artwork that has expressed unhelpful periods in my life helped to get rid of some negative feelings about myself.”

“The therapies have been fundamental to my current level of management of my condition and, were I given another opportunity to engage with something of a similar nature, I would jump at the chance.”

“My mind’s started working in a new way from before – I now have thoughts [and] make connections between my feelings and why they’re happening.”

“Not always having to talk – but playing music was more healing.”

“It’s been brilliant and I’m more at peace with myself and others now.”

“It helps me remember the past. It keeps me happy and confident.”

“It's easier to draw what I can’t cope with saying.”

“I didn’t think I was going to do this and now I can. I’ve got it all out there in my painting instead of keeping it in. I couldn’t have done that without paint.”

Sometimes saying it is hard – very hard and sometimes I can’t say it. But I’m more likely to say it here because it feels safer here than anywhere else.”

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