Insights Report

Insights Report from World cafe event held in June 2016

In June 2016, over 40 people with dementia, their carers, clinicians, innovators and academics took part in a series of group discussions to explore four themes related to TIHM for dementia:

  • What people with dementia want and need from technology
  • What carers of people with dementia want and need from technology
  • How technology could support healthcare professionals to work differently
  • Inviting technology into our homes: hopes, fears and opportunities

A number of needs were identified, including:

  • Maintaining independence
  • Staying safe and well
  • Supporting daily routines
  • Protecting against vulnerability
  • Social contact
  • Safe environments

The opportunity to engage with such a variety of people who have a potential interest in this research and hear their views was invaluable. The discussions helped us with identifying needs which will inform the selection of technologies being issued.

To read the Insights report in full, download it here.