Dementia Awareness Week 14 - 20 May

Come and speak to professionals during Dementia Awareness Week about our ground breaking dementia study

People who are keen to learn more about our major new study, TIHM for dementia, will be able to talk to experts at hospitals across Surrey next week.

Along with our close partner, the Alzheimer’s Society, we will be present at five major Surrey hospitals to promote the benefits of the study during Dementia Awareness Week from 14th- 20th May.

TIHM for dementia is being led by our Trust and funded by the Department of Health. It uses technological devices installed in the home that allow clinicians to remotely monitor a person’s health round the clock and in real time. If a health or safety problem is identified, clinicians step into offer support.

TIHM for dementia stands will be in the main entrances of the Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford on 16 May and 18 May, Frimley Park Hospital on 16, 17 and 19 May, Epsom Hospital on 18 May and St Peter’s Hospital, in Chertsey, on 18 May. There will also be a stand at the East Entrance of East Surrey Hospital in Redhill on 18 May.

Dr Ramin Nilforooshan, Consultant Psychiatrist and Associate Medical Director for Research and Development at our Trust, said the TIHM for dementia study was “one of the most important pieces of research into dementia that the NHS had done.”

Dr Nilforooshan said that while the main aim of the trial was to help keep people with dementia safe and well in their own home and reduce pressure on carers, the study would also provide a huge amount of research data that could significantly change the way mental health and acute trusts across the UK work with people with this condition.

He said: “The live data we are collecting about people’s health in this study will help us to better monitor the progression of the illness in an individual so that we understand exactly what their needs are as the illness changes.  Sometimes we are just left guessing about what a person’s needs are and how much support they need.

“I believe TIHM for dementia will help us to generate new ideas about the way we can support people with dementia. It will also enable us to study the impact of anti-dementia and anti-psychotic treatments on people’s behaviour in more detail, providing us with data that could be vital in helping us to identify new treatments and approaches to helping people.”

More than 850,000 people in the UK have a form of dementia. In Surrey 16,800 are estimated to have the condition with that figure set to rise to 19,000 by 2020.

Our Trust is recruiting 1400 from across Surrey and North East Hampshire to take part in the study. To qualify a person must have mild or moderate dementia, live at home, and have a carer, who can be a partner, relative, friend or paid carer, who is willing to get involved. For more information about TIHM for dementia, go to: or call: 01932 722247.