Kevin's story

Kevin Cherrington (pictured) is a cook at The Meadows at West Park Hospital who has completed the Team Leading Level 2 Apprenticeship certificate. 

The certificate enabled him to develop awareness of his and his teams behaviours, and the impact these behaviours have on the way they work. This will help Kevin to support his manager by taking on extra responsibilities with regards to the day to day running of the department. During times when Alistair, Kevin’s manager, is on leave, Kevin can now step up and deliver in his absence.

Kevin completed functional skills tests in English, numeracy and ICT in order to complete his apprenticeship pathway. Anne Rubin, functional skills tutor, says "Functional Skills are qualifications that equip people with practical skills to live, learn and work successfully. These vital skills are needed to succeed in all aspects of life."

Kevin says "When I first started the apprenticeship it felt like I had a mountain to climb. I worked with Anne on my days off and there were lots of anxious times. Some days I had lots of things given me and occasionally one person wanted me to do this and another person wanted me to do that. Special thanks to Gillian & Paul from Lifetime Training who helped me immensely."

Anne says "Kevin has dyslexia - I am proud of him as he worked so hard to improve his literacy, ICT and numeracy skills. There are so many things he can do now which were very difficult before."

Kevin says "I would like to recommend that everyone in the NHS who has dyslexia or learning disabilities do what I did. Don’t let your disability stand in the way!"

Anne O’Connor, Education Manager and Education Pathway Lead for bands 1-4, says “The apprenticeship pathway replaced the vocational awards. These are work based and give you the skills and confidence to progress up the career ladder. We have well established links with colleges and other education providers who can support and help you. If you are thinking about this way of learning I encourage you to contact me on or 01372 216060.”

With the right help you could change your life around.

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