While a new website is developed for the new emotional wellbeing and mental health service, we are keeping the Mindsight Surrey CAMHS service information available. This page may therefore contain incomplete or out of date information and may not reflect the new service. Find out more.

Our services for children and young people

Mindsight Surrey CAMHS is a partnership that supports children and young people across Surrey. We provide help and support to children and young people when they begin to feel emotionally or mentally unwell to build wellbeing and resilience to reduce the chances of their condition becoming more serious. Together with our partners we deliver targeted and specialist services, connecting with universal services to ensure support is available at entry level, from primary mental health in schools through to urgent needs.

What is different about Mindsight Surrey CAMHS? 

The new service looks and feels different for families, children and young people  receiving the service and for referral agencies, not only because of the additional investment in existing and new services, but also because it includes:

  • A Single Point of Access for all children's referrals, which navigates children and young people to the most appropriate service and through the system.
  • A “no wrong door” approach i.e. all children, young people and families will be supported to find the right help at the right time
  • The threshold criteria for acceptance into CAMHS is lower and volumes are expected to increase significantly
  • Expanded operating hours 8am-8pm Monday to Friday and 9am - 12pm on Saturday
  • Services are more accessible and user friendly through more convenient locations and online services
  • Automated clinical scheduling  ensures capacity, appointments and room availability is transparent and easier to manage
  • A more managed model of care with clear outcome monitoring after every session
  • A fully operationalised range of NICE compliant pathways, including:
    • New behaviour pathway
    • Introduction of CYP IAPT
  • Additional and specific support for adopted children and their families.
  • Other pathways have also been enhanced
  • Reporting requirements from commissioners on activities and outcomes are more demanding
  • Continued work with CAMHS Youth Advisors (CYA) and development of an employment pathway for young people.
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