Our alliance of partners will work together to advise, help and support children, young people and their families to thrive through the following services.

Combined, these services provide a more widespread and accessible range of support which is enhanced by all the organisations and groups who work with children and young people. Through having services available in a greater range of settings, providing a wider offering of advice and help, and accessible through more ways (such as online, telephone, face-to-face and group work), the Surrey community will be more able to meet young people’s needs across settings and providers. This will in turn reduce the demand on any particular provider.

Our services are adopting a new approach where children and young people will have a central voice in decisions about their care, and their needs will be met based on goals identified by them and their families. There will be a greater emphasis on needs, rather than getting a diagnosis as a trigger for help and support. 

As part of our transformation over the coming months and years, we will be working closely with the people who use our services and those who work with us to develop and evolve our services and the way they are provided.