About the service

Our new emotional wellbeing and mental health service offers a range of support for children, young people and families under a new alliance of providers. Families can request support themselves or through their school. Please call the Access & Advice team on 0300 222 5755. We are open 8am - 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am - 12pm Saturday. The service is not open on bank holidays. Having made contact with us, you will be signposted to one or more areas, depending on your individual circumstances. 

What it will offer

We are moving from having a Single Point of Access (SPA) for emotional, wellbeing and mental health needs within Surrey and Borders Partnership to an Alliance Access and Advice Service. This will work alongside the two existing SPAs from Surrey County Council: C-SPA (for children) and L-SPA (for learners with special educational needs or disability). Youth counsellors are now available to provide advice via the L-SPA. 

A new online resource is being developed to help young people, parents and professionals easily find self-help, training, support and additional information – we will call this DigiDen. 

Coming soon

We are reviewing how people can best access our services to get the support they need, with a desire to provide more opportunities for children and young people to access services and support without a formal request for support. In time, we plan to move away from a single point of access (SPA) and assessment of requests for support, to one which provides multiple opportunities for children and young people to access the help and advice they need. This includes a dedicated Access and Advice Service.

In the coming months, we plan to offer a broader range of telephone and online signposting for children, young people and families and, when needed, progression onto specialist services. Requests for support will soon be able to be made via secure email. We will also be more visible out and about in the community, for example in schools, primary care and youth settings. 

We will also work with children and young people on initiatives such as a ‘wellbeing passport’ that details their whole mental health history so they don’t need to repeat their story each time they talk to any of us. 

We are also moving away from postal referrals as much as possible. 

Future plans

We plan to facilitate online self-referrals and multiple access points to reach services. We are also moving towards enhanced digital integrations to improve the experience of those requesting support for other people. Ultimately, our aim is to work more collaboratively with the single points of access to have a single number for all requests for support for children, whether for emotional wellbeing and mental health, early help or learning needs.