About the service

There are several elements to our building resilience service for children, young people and their families. Families can request support themselves or through their school. Having made contact with us, you will be signposted to one or more areas, depending on your individual circumstances.

What it will offer

  • counselling and therapeutic interventions – there are a wide range of options, and referral will be made to age appropriate support, depending on your personal circumstances. This could include child or family therapy, guided self-help, evidence based therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) (suitable for many issues including anxiety, phobias, low mood, depression and relationship difficulties) and interpersonal psychotherapy for adolescents (IPT-A) (for young people with moderate to severe depressive symptoms).
  • mentoring – a 1:1 support service suitable for young people with mild to moderate mental health difficulties, or for their parents/carers. Mentoring can take place in person or online, at school or in the community. It focuses on identifying and working towards short-term goals, coping strategies and techniques for building self-belief and resilience. 
  • various early intervention projects – these community-based support and wellbeing projects offer choices for young people who may be feeling low or unable to cope. Opportunities may include drop ins, meet and eat projects and group meetings.

What’s new

We have created a new Community Wellbeing Team, and these people have already started to join our team. Their focus will be on early intervention (supporting people as soon as they start to feel they are struggling), and they will help children, young people and their families to navigate the choices available and engage with services if required. You can interact with the Community Wellbeing Team in person at a wide range of community settings, or virtually (by phone or computer).

The Community Wellbeing Team will also be building networks with and developing training and support for adults who work with children and young people (such as school lunch monitors, youth group and sports club leaders) to enable them to have supportive conversations and know how to help children and young people and where to take or direct them.

We will work with schools and our alliance partners to organise wellbeing campaigns, a range of activity-based support eg drama in schools as a way of engaging young people in a relaxing environment while also encouraging and empowering them to take more control of their own health and wellbeing. There will also be targeted workshops in schools, and transition preparation (moving from primary to secondary school), all aimed at prevention of emotional difficulties.

Coming soon

As we emerge from the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are looking to provide many services remotely (via phone or computer) in addition to face-to-face services.

In the short-term the Community Wellbeing Team will be supporting schools with the post-lockdown return to school and helping to reduce the waiting lists for support which have grown longer because of the pandemic.

There will also be enhanced school support and parent/carer and young person support provided by Learning Space, Barnardo’s and National Autistic Society. Among the services on offer, these organisations will provide bespoke training for schools to help them support children living with neurodevelopmental issues. They will also be providing community-based activities to support social skills for children and young people living with autism.