New 24/7 crisis line open seven days a week - 0800 915 4644

If you are worried about yourself or someone in your family or that you care for, please call our 24/7 mental health crisis line free on 0800 915 4644. You will be able to talk with a trained call handler who will provide advice, support and signposting to a range of community services. It’s open all day and all night, seven days a week. 

The crisis line is available for children and young people from the age of six. It can be used by those who are already receiving mental health services, and also by those who are not. No formal request for support is needed. We have launched this new single number because we know that supporting children can be distressing for families so we are making it easier to access advice in crisis situations.

About the crisis admission avoidance service

This service will focus predominantly on supporting children and young people who present with high risk behaviour. We work to avoid Emergency Department (A&E) attendance, acute hospital admission or a Tier 4 placement (specialised services for emotional, behavioural or mental health difficulties) whenever possible.  

Central to the effectiveness of this service is providing quick and responsive access to support and care, accurately assessing, containing and preventing risk, containing the crisis that a child or young person finds themselves in, and engaging the young person with the most appropriate support offer such as the HOPE programme. This is a national, best practice, multi-agency service for young people experiencing complex mental health issues. Our local service is fully integrated with our colleagues at Surrey County Council.

In the case of a child or young person who has experienced a crisis and goes to  hospital (whether they are in the Emergency Department or on a ward) they will receive advocacy and direct support before they are discharged from hospital, and this advocacy continues when they’re back in the community. 

Our crisis service also provides valuable support for the voluntary sector and the local network of professional services in primary care, schools, community mental health services, social care and acute hospitals. 

What it will offer

Paediatric Liaison Nurses (PLN) or Consultant Psychiatrists will see and offer mental health assessments to young people who are experiencing emotional and mental health crisis. PLNs are employed by the acute hospitals and are registered mental health nurses (RMNs) or paediatric nurses with mental health experience. 

The health assessment services available include risk assessment and possible referral for treatment such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)/dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT) skills, medication, safety planning, school liaison and signposting, for example to groups for young people who currently self-harm such as WISH (Working in Self Harm).

If the child or young person is in hospital, the crisis team will work alongside them and their families or carers, and sometimes social workers, to help get them safely  discharged back home, with the necessary support in place.