While a new website is developed for the new emotional wellbeing and mental health service, we are keeping the Mindsight Surrey CAMHS service information available. This page may therefore contain incomplete or out of date information and may not reflect the new service. Find out more.

Having a child or young person in your family or in your care with mental health issues is difficult and challenging for any one. At Mindsight Surrey CAMHS we will do everything we can to put you at ease and ensure that your child gets the best possible and most appropriate care for their needs.

Every child or young person is different and may require different services. This section will guide you through each step you need to take as parent, from your initial concerns to being referred to our service.

I’m worried about someone in my family
If you are concerned about a child or young person in your care, there are a number of things you can do:

  • Talk to them - Try to find out what is upsetting them. Is it school, work, home or friends?
  • Talk to a professional who knows your situation - This could be someone from school or college, your GP, social worker or health visitor (if you have one).  Discuss whether the child or young person would benefit from an appointment at Mindsight Surrey CAMHS and ask them to make a referral for you.
  • Access our CAMHS Single Point of Access - we have a single point of contact for referrals and booking appointments. Call on 0300 222 5755 for help.
  • Discuss the possibility of external support - Depending on their age talk to the child, young person or young adult about receiving help from someone trusted outside of the family.
  • If you are worried about your child or young person, please call our 24/7 mental health crisis line free on 0800 915 4644 to talk with a trained call handler who will provide advice, support and signposting to a range of community services. It’s open all day and all night, seven days a week.

Making a Referral

Referrals can be made by all health, social care and education practitioners.

All children and young people need to be registered with a GP in Surrey to be referred to Mindsight Surrey CAMHS.

We have a single point of contact for referrals to our services and the booking of appointments called CAMHS Single Point of Access. All referrals can be made by our online portal, telephone or letter. Please use the phone for all enquiries 0300 222 5755

We will ensure that every young person being referred is in contact with the right service and gets the appropriate level of treatment and support.

Routine Outcome Measures

Routine Outcome Measures are a range of specialist questionnaires that children, young people and their families are asked to complete at various points of your care. 

The questionnaires cover a range of topics that can help Surrey & Borders Partnership (SABP) better understand your mental health, family functioning and development, as well as your experience of the service(s).  The questionnaires that are given to you can depend on what you and your family are asking for support with and the service which you access. 

Download a PDF explaining more about Routine Outcome Measures and how they are used.

Download a guide to completing the online questionnaires.