Since the Trust was created in 2005, we have worked closely with people who use services and carers to develop our services, improve quality and better meet the needs of the people we serve.

We pride ourselves on our involvement ethos at Surrey and Borders and there are many ways to get involved at a local service level through to helping develop Trust-wide strategic plans.

Below you will find details of how you can get more involved in the Trust. For further details, please contact Joanne Massey Shand, our Involvement and Volunteering Manager by telephone on 01372 216184, SMS text message on 07786 202545 or by email at or ask your care co-ordinator about getting involved.

Become a Foundation Trust member

Becoming a Foundation Trust member enables you to:

  • Influence how our services are run and make sure we do what we say we will
  • Attend members events
  • Receive our quarterly members newsletter
  • Vote in our Governor elections or even stand as a Governor yourself

Sign-up online

FoCUS: Forum of Carers and People who Use Services

FoCUS was set up in 2006 as part of the Trust's Vision and Values to be open, inclusive and accountable and ensure people who use services and their carers are at the heart of what the Trust does and how we go about doing it. FoCUS is the main way people who use services and carers can get involved in the work of the Trust - you can attend local meetings, take part in recruiting senior Trust staff, become an area representative or join Trust committees.

Find out more about FoCUS

Carers Action Group (CAG)

We also run a Carers Action Group which meets regularly to ensure that the Trust implements the Triangle of Care. The Triangle of Care refers to the essential three-way relationship between professionals, people who use our services, and their carers/families. It was developed by the Carers Trust (in conjunction with carers and NHS staff) to improve carer engagement in mental health services and contains examples of best practice for organisations to follow.

Find out more about our Carers Action Group

Complete our surveys

We are continually looking for ways to improve the services we provide. One of the ways we do this is by asking people who use our services and their carers about their experience of us and we could be do things better.

Please visit the Your Views Matter area of our website to give us your feedback. The surveys are completed on an anonymous basis.

Take part in research

Our Research and Development team run research projects that you may be able to help with. Please refer to our Research & Development area for for more information.


If you can spare an hour or two a week or a month, why not consider volunteering for Surrey and Borders Partnership? We are looking for people who can spend some time in our wards, community homes, teams and day centres or you may prefer to help with practical duties in an office. We'll try and find something that suits you.

Whatever you do you will bring something very valuable to the people in our care - yourself. We can guarantee you will get a very warm welcome. Find out more about volunteering.

Our Standards for Involvement

People who use services and carers have developed a set of Standards for Involving People which provide:

  • Guidance for staff about how to encourage and support effective involvement
  • A means for the Trust as a whole - teams as well as individuals - to check and measure how well people are involved

Find out more about the Standards for Involvement.