Mindsight Surrey CAMHS is a partnership of expert organisations including Xenzone, Surrey Family Services, the National Autistic Society, Barnardo's, Relate West Surrey, Step by Step, Heads Together, Brain in Hand, Eikon, and Learning Space.



Offers British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy accredited online counselling, self-help and moderated peer support via the award-winning Kooth.com. Young people aged 10+ can get immediate and direct access to online support.


Surrey Family Information Service

Leads the development and implementation of a No Labels Service to engage with young vulnerable people who are leading chaotic lives and do not readily engage with services.


The National Autistic Society

Provides peer support for parents of autistic children and offer regular drop in clinics to quickly engage children and young people with challenging behaviour.



Delivers parenting support groups lasting 6-8 weeks for the parents of those children and young people referred to the Behavioural and Neurodevelopmental (BEN) Service.



Heads Together Partnership Mark (002).png

Relate West Surrey, Step by Step and Heads Together

Youth counselling services are provided by Relate, Step by Step and Heads Together.


Brain in Hand

Enable access to an app they have developed to provide coping strategies for children and young people with behavioural and neurodevelopmental needs.



Offers a wellbeing service into schools working with teachers and pupils to help keep students well and know how to spot early warning signs of mental ill-health.


Learning Space

Provides early intervention services for children 5 years and above to improve confidence and self esteem and address issues such as anxiety and anger.