Published on: Wednesday 6th January 2021

Our new digital strategy sets out our vision and ambitions for the next few years. Technology and data is becoming a bigger part of our everyday lives from mobile phones, laptops, the apps we use, social media and much more. Digital is how we put you at the heart of the solutions we use technology to solve.

Our digital vision puts people before technology, and is built around your needs, the needs of our people, our clinical and corporate colleagues and those we partner with. Our vision is to develop the best personalised experience and outcome for you, your families, carers and communities.

Person-centred care is important to us – every person every story – and will enable and empower you to be more involved in your own care.

Technology creates opportunities to improve the planning and delivery of our services. This is essential for providing a better experience for everyone.
Practically, this will mean things like you will be able to book appointments for some of our services online.

Read the full strategy now.