Published on: Wednesday 18th December 2019

i-access drug and alcohol service will be providing extended brief intervention for increasing and higher risk adult drinkers until 31 March 2020.  This service provision will replace the current DrinkCoach Online Coaching service provided by Humankind.


The aim is to pilot telephone based alcohol brief treatment for increasing and higher risk adult drinkers seeking support to reduce their drinking. This pathway will be integrated into Surrey’s existing treatment system that is delivered by i-access. This will create a single point of contact and assessment for all alcohol clients.


What is Extended Brief Intervention?

The Extended Brief Intervention (EBI) pathway is for increasing and higher risk drinkers. Treatment consists of up to six 30 minute sessions conducted by telephone by an alcohol specialist.


Further available support

Should the client require additional support following the Extended Brief Intervention, subject to meeting the criteria, clients may automatically be referred onto the full treatment pathway within i-access.


How do you take referrals?

Surrey residents can access EBI by completing the online DrinkCoach Alcohol Test If this indicates an individual is drinking at risky levels, they will be advised to contact i-access direct.


Other referral routes include self-referral and referral via other professionals and agencies, such as GP and Hospital Alcohol Liaison teams.


Contact i-access       Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm

Tel:                             0300 222 5932

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