Published on: Tuesday 21st July 2020

Our Trust is joining our local shared care records systems alongside health and care partners across Surrey and North East Hampshire.

For people registered with GPs in most of Surrey this system is called the Surrey Care Record. For people registered with a GP in North East Hants and Farnham and Surrey Heath this system is called Connected Care. 

What are Shared Care Records?

Shared care records are a local, digital shared care record for health and care professionals across an Integrated Care System.  

They allow the secure sharing of your health and care data between authorised health and care professionals to deliver safer, quicker, more personalised and more coordinated local health and care services.

What information are we sharing?

The record includes a brief summary of key information about a person’s care and treatment. It does not include all the information that a specialist provider such as Surrey and Borders Partnership will hold in a person’s health record but does include:

  • Basic information such as your name, address, postcode, NHS number, age and GP practice details
  • Referral information – whether you are open to us or not.

We will be gradually sharing the following information into the shared record in a series of phases:

  • Your diagnosis, if you have one
  • The start, end and review dates of your Care Programme Approach
  • Your care plan and risk assessment

Three key benefits of shared care records:

  1. Less need to re-tell details of your health and care journey with each care professional you meet. Instead, organisations using the Shared Care Record will have access to the necessary information to better understand your circumstances and any services you have received, and prevent unnecessary conversations and duplication of tests.
  2. Through the wider secure sharing of information, important details such as allergies, medications, diagnoses and treatments can be shared appropriately to inform the care you receive.
  3. By using secure electronic systems, your information is held and shared more safely than the traditional methods of letters, forms, faxes and phone calls. It ensures that staff with appropriate authorisation have access to your information, that care details are kept up-to-date and accurate, and reduces the risk of errors and delays to your care.

Your privacy

Only authorised care professionals with a legitimate relationship to the care you receive will be able to access the parts of your shared care record that enable them to deliver your care and all access is logged.

Please see the Surrey Care Record Privacy Notice and Connected Care Privacy Notice for further detail about how personal data included in the shared care record is used and protected. 

All organisations involved with the Shared Care Record are legally required to explain how, why and with whom they share your health and care information, through a privacy statement.

You can read ours at  

If you don’t want your details shared

You can exercise your right to object to your data being shared at any time by contacting your GP practice. Your care co-ordinator or named professional may also be able to help you understand what this means for you.

If you do decide to object, your data will not be shared for any kind of direct care, including extended hours GP access and emergencies. The NHS strongly recommends the sharing of data because it leads to higher quality and safer care.

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