Published on: Friday 5th November 2021

We have recently submitted a planning application for the Jubilee Complex at Headley Court, near Leatherhead. 

The Jubilee Complex was once a rehabilitation centre for injured military personnel, but over the last 18 months, a neighbouring NHS Trust has used it to deliver essential health services during the Covid-19 pandemic. When the decision was made to close the Covid facility, we saw the potential that this site could continue to offer Surrey residents.

In recent years, the increase in demand for mental health services has seen a corresponding rise in the need for inpatient beds, exacerbated by the pandemic. A shortage of inpatient beds can lead to people who use our services being looked after further away from home and/or being cared for in the independent sector, which makes things more difficult for everyone, including families and carers who wish to visit. 


What type of people would you accommodate there?

Our planning application for the Jubilee Complex seeks to provide around 44 inpatient beds for people who are in a mental health crisis and need an urgent admission. 

Would this be a secure or medium secure unit?

No. These are terms for facilities where people who are a serious risk to others are treated. We do not seek to do this here. We would need special planning permission for this, and we have not requested it.

What would the site look like?

The Jubilee Complex already has two high quality buildings, well secluded from the road and the rest of the Headley Court site. Our draft plans would make little impact on the appearance of the existing buildings. The main changes would be some fencing to create garden spaces for people who use services, the windows in both buildings will be replaced and we would improve the interior decor and facilities.

What kind of planning consent have you applied for?

As the existing buildings were originally given a temporary planning permission, we have applied for a permanent planning consent for the buildings to safeguard their future use by the NHS. We feel that re-purposing these buildings is more sustainable than demolition and ensures these additional services can be available at least 18 months quicker than constructing a new building. 

Montagu Evans were appointed as our planning advisors as we are already working with them on other projects, and they are on the approved supplier framework available to the NHS for procuring services. They, as well as the transport and public relations advisors, are well placed to support us given their in-depth knowledge and experience of the site and the local area. 

What engagement have you done?

Once we became aware of the opportunity of taking over this property, we acted quickly. Our Trust Board approved the decision to submit a planning application on 8 September 2021, which allowed us to communicate publicly. Meetings were arranged with the Parish Council and Mole Valley District Councillors on 21 September and, in parallel, we sent information by post to 1,217 nearby residents, stakeholders and businesses, outlining the proposals and inviting people to share their feedback.